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Wednesday Oct 4,2017

Gymversary Blake-4
FS: 2RM 13x1Ladder: CL, WB

FS: 2RM 13x1

Front Squat
2 Rep Max
3 sec pause at the bottom

0% 0%
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Robby G215 Rx Yeah!
Wendy B105 Rx ran out of time
Christy135 Rx
Sam W135 Rx
Erin A115 Rx
Toby215 Rx 135/185/215/ran out of time
Melody105 Rx
Anna65 Rx
Spencer B245 Rx
Melissa L105 Rx
Lisa J185 Rx 200 'almost' once
Bob#125 Rx
Janelle125 Rx
Brian L185 Rx
Justin Gro185 Rx
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Brian L 7:55am
Great job Sheridan and Toby!
Toby 8:28am
Thanks BL! You too!