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Friday Oct 6,2017

Happy Birthday Roy & Grant
Jeff R

Friday we will reviewing the Floater Workout form next Saturdays Festivus Games. It's a 2 person team WOD and we have eager athletes gearing ups for the challenge. Come in Friday and create a competitive energy to prepare your classmate. If your on the bubble about competing, come test this WOD.

2017 Fall Festivus: Floater3 RFT: BJ, DB HC, DB PJ

2017 Fall Festivus: Floater

4:00 Time Cap
2 Rounds for Time
20 Dumbbell Reverse Lunges (10/leg)
  - Partner Wheelbarrow Walk 7 yards
20 Dumbbell Cleans
  - Partner Wheelbarrow Walk 7 yards  

Athletes decide who does what. It doesn't matter as long as the work gets done

.Dumbbell Variations:
  Intermediate Men: 35s/20s
  Novice/Masters Men: 20s/10s

Score = Time. Add 1 second to time for every incomplete dumbell rep.)

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Wendy B3:20 Rx2 w/Stacy; masters standards for Festivus
Stacy3:20 Rx2 w/ wendy; masters standards for festivus
Robby G5:30 Rx With Mark L, we actually did the 50's!
Toby4:04 Rx w Dylan (50’ WBC)
Mark L5:30 Rx Did 35 db and 50 ft walks.with Robby G
Dylan R4:04 Rx with Toby
Russ5:05 Rx Mah pahtnah K-dawg
Jason K5:05 Rx W/ the Brewmaster Russ
Amanda Sa6:30 Rx2 #10
Angie4:02 Rx w Christy.25# DB, 50ft wheelbarrow
Christy4:02 Rx2 10#, 50ft wheelbarrow, w Angie
Taylor Cof5:12 Rx
Melissa L6:26 Rx W/the bomb Spencer
Spencer B6:26 Rx w/ wheelbarrow-ing Melissa
Justin Gro3:45 Rx with Jeff B.
Janelle4:24 Rx
Tom S7:03 Rx2 with Drew
Greg PCompleted WOD in 9.5 minutes Rx2
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