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Wednesday Oct 11,2017

Happy Birthday Michael Ber

Amrap20: PC, BJO

20 min Amrap
1 Power Clean  
6 Box Jump Overs
2 Power Cleans
6 Box Jump Overs
3 Power Cleans
6 Box Jumps

*continue to increase PC by 1 rep each Round

Rx: 135/95
Rx2: 95/65
Rx3: 55/35  

Rx: 24/20
Rx2: 20/18
Rx3: 20' Step-overs

Score equals total reps for PC's and BJO's

100% 0%
1st189 Sheridan Wed,Oct 11,2017
2nd173 Taylor Cof Wed,Oct 11,2017
3rd170 Angie Wed,Oct 11,2017
1st205 Jeff B Wed,Oct 11,2017
Bryan Wed,Oct 11,2017
2nd199 Adam B Wed,Oct 11,2017
3rd194 Toby Wed,Oct 11,2017

Gina B125 Rx2 65# 18' Stepovers
Robby G122 Rx 7 into set 11
Wendy B126 Rx 60 bjo; 66 pc @ 95#
Sam W175 Rx
Angie170 Rx 13 rounds + 1 clean (may have done 2 sets of round 8)
Adam B199 Rx
Dean163 Rx
Jason K142 Rx
Russ150 Rx
Brian L133 Rx A Doozy!
Toby194 Rx Thanks for the push Adam!
Taylor W12 Rx3
Fernando115 Rx2
Amanda Sc150 Rx2
Sheridan189 Rx finished 14 rounds
Melissa L142 Rx3 65#; stepovers- nursing shins
Taylor Cof173 Rx
Russell L154 Rx
Elizabeth K204 Rx3 75# stepovers
Bryan205 Rx
Rob L189 Rx2 105 #
Bob173 Rx3 #95 cleans and step overs
Tom S102 Rx RX Baby!!! First time to WOD with 135
Jeff B205 Rx 1 BJO in Round 16
Jimmy138 Rx
Lindsey Gro242 Rx3 last 2 rounds 24in box
Justin Gro171 Rx
Results Posted: 27
Angie 1:59pm
Nice work, Sheridan!

Adam B 6:53pm
Nice work Bryan and Jeff..! I hate both of

Toby 7:39pm
And way to Rx it Tom Swift! 💪🏻

Jeff B 7:53pm
Great job Tom!!

Tom S 10:15pm