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Thursday Oct 12,2017

Happy Birthday Angie
Welcome Rachel Pr


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Air Squats

*In order  

100 Ring Rows or 50 Pull ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Air Squats

Rx Masters 55+:
65 Pull-ups
65 Push-ups
65 Sit-ups
65 Air Squats

*Broken up however

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Amanda Sc24:04 Rx2 Ring rows
Rachel Pr24:11 Rx2
Kate B26:32  Ring rows, knee push ups
Adam B23:33 Rx
Brian L30:18 Rx You better enjoy that birthday Angie!
Angie18:32 Rx
Toby18:33 Rx (Flash Push-ups)
Dylan R19:54 Rx
Brittany D32:09 Rx2 Pull-ups with bands
Mary Wahl.24:15 Rx3
Walt31:44 Rx3 100 reps (10 sets of 10 sequentially through each round; black/red bands for PUs
Julie St23:59 Rx2 band pu 65, 35 ring rows
Seema33:00 Rx2
Russ34:56 Rx 😐
Justin Gro20:45 Rx
Jason K33:05 Rx
John B20:24 Rx3 65 reps of all (easy on the air squats - groin)
Melody30:50 Rx2 RR 100 in a row of anything is tough!!!!
Melissa L26:45 Rx2 100PU w/ bands
Katia29:32 Rx 14:37 for pull ups...
Greg P30 minutes of W.O.D. Rx3
Jeff B21:20 Rx
Leslie21:07 Rx2 50 pullups with band
Russell P28:26 Rx2
Blake21:53 Rx
Jeff R29:30 Rx
Maria G25:35 Rx2
Spencer P21:30  Squats, Lunges,Single JR, Sit Ups
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Melody 9:47am
Happy Birthday Angie!