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Monday Oct 30,2017

Jeff R
Canadian Forces Sergeant Prescott Shipway, 36, of Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Canada, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, based in Shilo, Manitoba, Canada, was killed on September 7, 2008 by a roadside bomb in Kandahar province, Afghanistan.

Hero: Ship

Hero: Time-Rx3+
9 Rounds For Time
7 Squat Cleans  
8 Burpee Box Jumps

Rx+: 185/135: 30'/24'
Rx: 135/95: 24'/20'
Rx2: 95/65: 20'/18
Rx3: 45/35: Step Ups

100% 0%
1st20:51 Lisa J Mon,Oct 30,2017
2nd21:47 Angie Mon,Oct 30,2017
3rd24:59 Sheridan Mon,Oct 30,2017
1st32:46 +Bryan Mon,Oct 30,2017
2nd34:17 +Roy Mon,Oct 30,2017
3rd43 - 45 min Jimmy Mon,Oct 30,2017

Wendy B24:45 Rx2 65#sc; 20in burpee bj
Stacy26:54 Rx2
Roy34:17 Rx+
Angie21:47 Rx
Jeff R27:30 Rx2 115#, 12' Box Jump
Jason K31:03 Rx
Dylan R29:11 Rx
Robby G36:22 Rx2 115 lbs, making the old knees happy
Brittany D27:09 Rx3 45#, step ups
Justin Gro33:11 Rx low energy today
Russ33:33 Rx3 135# sq cl, burpee stu’s Right hip issue... stretched it out after wod
Toby30:31 Rx 135# 30'' box. 9 BBJs each round because I'm dumb and can't read.
John B28:30  7 Rnds. 95 + 24'
Sheridan24:59 Rx
Melissa L25:56 Rx3 #45; 18' BJ
Lisa J20:51 Rx
Spencer B38:54 Rx+
Melody31:22 Rx2
Larry B30:15 Rx 135#, 30' BJ
Bryan32:46 Rx+
Erin A30:03 Rx2 75#, Rx BBJ
Taylor Cof27:48 Rx
Leslie30:00 ++++ Rx3 Only 8 rounds (knee issue)
Elizabeth K30:15 Rx2 75# step ups
Josh R34:02  295 deadlifts. 30' box jumps
Alexis26:30 Rx2 20 in bbj
Dani31:19  65 lbs / step up only
David F28:23 Rx3 10 rounds 155# power clean 30' box
Emily Co32:30 Rx
Jimmy43 - 45 min Rx low energy, just wasn't in the zone
Results Posted: 30
Roy 6:06pm
Dang you Bryan!!!!!!

Bryan 7:21pm
That was a good one. We definitely got stronger today.