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Tuesday Oct 31,2017

Pumpkin 2.0 Partner WODOther Posted Results

Pumpkin 2.0 Partner WOD

2 Person Team

100 Deadlifts       Elite:185/135 Rx:135/95 Rx2:95/65
80 Pull Ups          Elite:Chest to Bar  Rx2:Jumping
60 Kettle Bell Swing Elite:70/53 Rx:53/35 Rx2:35/26
40 Toes to Bar     Rx2:Knees up
20 Turkish Get-up Elite:53/35 Rx:35/26 Rx2:26/18

*Only 1 person works at a time while the other hold a pumpkin (or Dumb Bell Rx:50/35 Rx2:35/20)

*If Pumpkin touches the ground 10 burpee penalty for each partner

*Pumpkin can not be held on shoulders

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1st21:50 Blake Tue,Oct 31,2017
2nd22:07 Sheridan Tue,Oct 31,2017
3rd25:31 Katia Tue,Oct 31,2017
1st28:45 +Toby Tue,Oct 31,2017
Dylan R Tue,Oct 31,2017
2nd23:18 Justin Gro Tue,Oct 31,2017
Jason K Tue,Oct 31,2017
3rd25:41 Russ Tue,Oct 31,2017

Stacy18:17 Rx2 With mark
Wendy B16:25 Rx2 w/Christy; 95#dl, ring rows, 35#kb, knee-ups, 18#tgu; no burpees!
Robby G26:02 Rx With Jeff H
Toby28:45 Rx+ w Dylan and a 🎃
Melody27:16 Rx2 105/85dl 35kbs jumping pu t2b 26#tg With Haylie!
John B21:40 Rx2 w/big Ken. Rx movements, Rx2 weights
Justin Gro23:18 Rx With Big J-Kisz
Dylan R28:45 Rx+ w/ Tank Top Toby
Jason K23:18 Rx W/ The Bald Headed Beast JGross
Brittany D22:07 Rx2 With Sheridan... 95#for dl, PU w/bands, #26KB, no weight for tgu
Taylor Cof25:41 Rx2 W/ Russ... Rx everything except pullups with band
Blake21:50 Rx w/ Susan @ Rx2
Janelle25:54 Rx w/ Lisa
Katia25:31 Rx
Susan21:50 Rx2 w/Blake
Russ25:41 Rx W Coach Coffey
Sheridan22:07 Rx w/ Brittany--Rx+ and RX combo; 135# DL, 53# KB, pull-ups and 26# TGU
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