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Monday Nov 6,2017

Gymversary Michelle S-4
Run Intervals: 400, 800, 1200Jerk 1RM

Run Intervals: 400, 800, 1200

Part A:
3 x 5 Strict Press
3 x 3 Push Press
3 x 1 Push Jerks (Press Out = No Rep)

Part B:
For Time
400 m Run
Rest 1:00  
800 m Run
Rest 2:00  
1,200 m Run

Score = Time for Part B

0% 0%
1st14:54 Alexis Mon,Nov 6,2017
2nd15:11 Lisa J Mon,Nov 6,2017
3rd15:14 Taylor Cof Mon,Nov 6,2017
1st12:49 Adam B Mon,Nov 6,2017
2nd12:54 Dylan R Mon,Nov 6,2017
3rd13:20 Toby Mon,Nov 6,2017

Stacy14:43 Rx
Wendy B21:55 Rx
Judy H24:11 Rx
Brian L14:00 Rx 115 (SP), 145 (PP), 175 (PJ)
Russ16:49 Rx 135spX5(3@145);185ppX3;205pjX1
Jeff R16:30  3 400 m Runs
Taylor Cof15:14 Rx
Jason K14:45 Rx 145 SP, 145 PP, 205 PJ
Toby13:20 Rx Time taken when we reached indoor clock
Justin Gro14:20 Rx
Brittany D17:16 Rx 45#SP, 50# PP, 55#PJ
Dylan R12:54 Rx 125 SP, 155 PP, 155 PJ
Melissa L19:02 Rx Had to row last round; SP 65; PP 95; PJ 105
Amanda Sa16:25 Rx Running in smoke sure is something special...
Spencer Bor13:16 Rx Watch time! I need all the advantage I can get! 😜
Angie15:54 Rx
Adam B12:49 Rx 230 pj
Bryan14:10 Rx
Lisa J15:11 Rx
Erin A18:24 Rx SP (45, 65, 70), PP (70,75,85), PJ (85, 95, 105)
Elizabeth K18:31 Rx
Alex P19:55 Rx 155 push jerk
Jeff B15:11 Rx
Larry B13:25 Rx
Alexis14:54 Rx
Spencer Boy16:23 Rx
Jimmy14:15 Rx
Leslie25:25 Rx Took off 2min for treadmill back and forth; Smoke outside
Ken H14:24 Rx
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