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Friday Nov 10,2017

Marine Corps 242nd Birthday Tribute

2 Person Team
For Time: 242 total reps for total years

1000 m Row or Run
    (only 1 partner works at a time. each partner must  
     row or run a portion of the distance)
100 Deadlift 155/115
    Rx2: 115/75
    Rx3: 75/55
    (P1 holds top of plank while P2 works)
100 Pull-ups
    Rx2: Bands
    Rx3: Rings
    (P1 holds the top of deadlift while P2 works)
42 USMC four-count Push-ups
    (1st and 3rd count is chest to deck, 2nd and 4th  
    count is full arm extension *you do 2 pushups for  
    every rep*)
1000 m Row or Run
    (only 1 partner works at a time. each partner must  
     row or run a portion of the distance)

0% 0%
1st24:14 Angie Fri,Nov 10,2017
2nd24:47 Sheridan Fri,Nov 10,2017
3rd28:37 Katia Fri,Nov 10,2017
1st21:06 Jeff B Fri,Nov 10,2017
2nd22:19 Russ Fri,Nov 10,2017
Toby Fri,Nov 10,2017
3rd22:22 Bryan Fri,Nov 10,2017
Jeff He Fri,Nov 10,2017

Wendy B24:14 Rx3 w/Angie; all rx except ring rows
Bryan22:22 Rx w/ Captain Heller--run not row
Jeff He22:22 Rx bryan c
Robby G25:32 Rx D and Matt
Amanda Sc24:39 Rx3 all rx except ring rows
Roy25:23 Rx w/ Emily 'Team Jacked In The Box'
Emily Co25:23 Rx2 w/Roy- Bands, all else Rx
Angie24:14 Rx w/ Wendy
Judy H26:22 Rx2 with Rachel
Rachel Pr26:22 Rx2 w/ Judy, green band pullups
Toby22:19 Rx watchin Russ knock out those DLs (ran)
Sheridan24:47 Rx w/ Amanda
Russ22:19 Rx W/ Tobes doing most of everything else.
Justin Gro22:34 Rx With Big J-Kisz
Robert S27:50 Rx with Fernando
Erin A23:32 Rx2 Rx but PU (thick green band). With awesome teammate Lisa!
Amanda Sa28:28 Rx2 #75 DL, Rings/Banded PU w/Angelika
Jason K22:34 Rx W/myDawg J Gross
Brittany D30:27 Rx2 With Melody. 95#DL, PU with bands
Lisa J23:32 Rx2 Rx except banded pull-ups. Roll Tide Erin!!
Brian L25:30 Rx W/ Beast Mode Basel & Taylor
David F23:18 Rx with Cyborg Bradley
Jeff B21:06 Rx with Spencer P.
Spencer Boy21:06 Rx3 with Jeff B.- 100# DL; Ring Rows
Tom S33:33 Rx2 banded PU / Tied with Jimmy
Katia28:37 Rx With Joy
Sam W24:30 Rx
Larry B25:30 Rx w BL Smooth and Taylot
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