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Friday Nov 10,2017

Jeff R
Friday we celebrate the founding of the United States Marine Corps. Organized to bridge the gap between land forces and naval forces, the Marines have taken the fight to our Nation’s enemies since 1775. From Tripoli to Tarawa, Beriut to Afghanistan, Marines are always there. Right now there’s a 19 year old rifleman in country who hasn’t spoken to his or her family in months, had a shower in weeks or hot food in days. These brave sons and daughters  deserves our thanks and support. You are the bomb Devil Dogs, Semper Fi.

Jeff R
Coaches Note: 40:00 time cap. Be on time! This is a TOUGH one (as a Marine birthday WOD should be!)

Marine Corps 242nd Birthday Tribute

2 Person Team
For Time: 242 total reps for total years

1000 m Row or Run
    (only 1 partner works at a time. each partner must  
     row or run a portion of the distance)
100 Deadlift 155/115
    Rx2: 115/75
    Rx3: 75/55
    (P1 holds top of plank while P2 works)
100 Pull-ups
    Rx2: Bands
    Rx3: Rings
    (P1 holds the top of deadlift while P2 works)
42 USMC four-count Push-ups
    (1st and 3rd count is chest to deck, 2nd and 4th  
    count is full arm extension *you do 2 pushups for  
    every rep*)
1000 m Row or Run
    (only 1 partner works at a time. each partner must  
     row or run a portion of the distance)

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1st24:14 Angie Fri,Nov 10,2017
2nd24:47 Sheridan Fri,Nov 10,2017
3rd28:37 Katia Fri,Nov 10,2017
1st21:06 Jeff B Fri,Nov 10,2017
2nd22:19 Russ Fri,Nov 10,2017
Toby Fri,Nov 10,2017
3rd22:22 Bryan Fri,Nov 10,2017
Jeff He Fri,Nov 10,2017

Wendy B24:14 Rx3 w/Angie; all rx except ring rows
Bryan22:22 Rx w/ Captain Heller--run not row
Jeff He22:22 Rx bryan c
Robby G25:32 Rx D and Matt
Amanda Sc24:39 Rx3 all rx except ring rows
Roy25:23 Rx w/ Emily 'Team Jacked In The Box'
Emily Co25:23 Rx2 w/Roy- Bands, all else Rx
Angie24:14 Rx w/ Wendy
Judy H26:22 Rx2 with Rachel
Rachel Pr26:22 Rx2 w/ Judy, green band pullups
Toby22:19 Rx watchin Russ knock out those DLs (ran)
Sheridan24:47 Rx w/ Amanda
Russ22:19 Rx W/ Tobes doing most of everything else.
Justin Gro22:34 Rx With Big J-Kisz
Robert S27:50 Rx with Fernando
Erin A23:32 Rx2 Rx but PU (thick green band). With awesome teammate Lisa!
Amanda Sa28:28 Rx2 #75 DL, Rings/Banded PU w/Angelika
Jason K22:34 Rx W/myDawg J Gross
Brittany D30:27 Rx2 With Melody. 95#DL, PU with bands
Lisa J23:32 Rx2 Rx except banded pull-ups. Roll Tide Erin!!
Brian L25:30 Rx W/ Beast Mode Basel & Taylor
David F23:18 Rx with Cyborg Bradley
Jeff B21:06 Rx with Spencer P.
Spencer P21:06 Rx3 with Jeff B.- 100# DL; Ring Rows
Tom S33:33 Rx2 banded PU / Tied with Jimmy
Katia28:37 Rx With Joy
Sam W24:30 Rx
Larry B25:30 Rx w BL Smooth and Taylot
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Jeff R 9:32am

Jeff R 9:36am