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Saturday Nov 11,2017

Happy Birthday David A
Hero: RahoiThruster 1 Rep Max

Hero: Rahoi

12:00 Amrap
  12 Box Jumps 24/20
           Rx2: 20/18
           Rx3: Step-ups
  6 Thrusters 95/65
           Rx2: 75/45
           Rx3: 55/35
  6 Bar over Burpees

0% 0%
1st172 Sheridan Sat,Nov 11,2017
2nd154 Taylor Cof Sat,Nov 11,2017
3rd133 Erin A Sat,Nov 11,2017
1st187 Adam B Sat,Nov 11,2017
2nd180 Dylan R Sat,Nov 11,2017
3rd175 Jeff B Sat,Nov 11,2017

Erin A133 Rx
Jeff B175 Rx
Shawn B96 Rx3 step ups; 45 th; reg burp
Spencer Bor138 Rx
Brian L168 Rx
Russ156 Rx
Melissa L103  Did 125# deadlifts instead of thrusters bc of wrist issues; BJ 18 in
Dylan R180 Rx
Judy H120 Rx3 45#thrusters step ups
Alexis127 Rx2 Rx BJ
Kim B96 Rx3 rx2 thrusters
Brittany D102 Rx2 45#, BJ 12'
Sheridan172 Rx
David F140 Rx
Christy126 Rx Rx As written 5 rounds plus 6 bj
Josh S144 Rx
Adam B187 Rx
Taylor Cof154 Rx
Larry B139 Rx
John C98 Rx2
Jeff R135 Rx
Sam W100 Rx
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