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Tuesday Nov 14,2017

FT: Up Pull-ups, Down TTB

For Time
Unbroken Pull-Ups
  Rx2: Banded Pull-ups
  Rx3: Ring Rows

Rest 2:00

Unbroken Toes to Bar
   Rx2: Knees-ups

*If unable to complete an unbroken round perform 5 Brupees, rest 1:00 and attempt again. Only 2 attempts then scale down

0% 0%
1st12:19 Blake Tue,Nov 14,2017
2nd12:28 Sheridan Tue,Nov 14,2017
3rd16:14 Angie Tue,Nov 14,2017
1st7:57 +Toby Tue,Nov 14,2017
2nd9:47 +Adam B Tue,Nov 14,2017
3rd10:54 +Bryan Tue,Nov 14,2017

Amanda Sc17:27 Rx2 red/green bands; attempt at t2b; went to kus
Robby G18:22 Rx No Burpees!!!
Brian L17:58 Rx slow but no burpees
Angie16:14 Rx Or 14:16 🤦🏻‍♀️
noelia23:00 Rx3
Evelin20:00 Rx3
Walt14:14 Rx3 Black/red bans; sit ups
Jason K20:37 Rx
Erin A22:32 Rx2 thick green band, KU (couple of T2B at end), no burpees
John B20:37 Rx (worked tandem with the Kiszmaster)
Brittany D18:54 Rx2 No burpees 🎉. PU with bands. KUs.
Judy H15:25 Rx3
Melissa L14:59 Rx2 Mending wrist; used thick band
Ron19:25 Rx2 5X strict no band
Russell L26:09 Rx2 rx till round of 8 t2b
Janelle18:48 Rx2 Red band starting at 4 PUs
Adam B9:47 Rx+
Bryan10:54 Rx+
Tabitha13:18 Rx2 on round 4 of pull-ups-switched to ring rows
Alex P14:05 Rx2
David F10:26 Rx
Toby7:57 Rx+ C2B
Jeff B12:19 Rx+
Sheridan12:28 Rx
Blake12:19 Rx Shared bar
Justin Gro13:25 Rx
Larry B13:25 Rx
Spencer Bor18:33 Rx+ Taking it nice and slow, good job men - impressive times!
Dylan R9:29 Rx
Jimmy16:08 Rx No burpees, took it easy
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Blake 7:22pm
ANGIE YOU HAD TO OF BEEN 14:16!!!😂😂😂🧐🧐
Brian L 7:38pm
I was there for finish and i’m Pretty darn confident it was 14:16.  Cause I thought it was even a bit less than even that!  

Regardless - great job ladies!

Adam B 8:38pm
Well just damn Toby...good job..!
Toby 10:13pm
Thanks Adam! You too!