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Monday Nov 27,2017

Gymversary Justin Gro-4
FS: 2RM 13x1Amrap20: WB, BJ, TTB, CL, JKOther Posted Results

FS: 2RM 13x1

Front Squat
2 Rep Max
3 sec pause at the bottom

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Wendy B135 Rx
Robby G245 Rx 40 lb pr, did 255 for 1
Angie165 Rx
Jason K255 Rx
Brian L195 Rx 10# PR
Katia125 Rx
Brittany D95 Rx PR
Toby225 Rx These didn't feel great today (left knee)
Melody95 Rx
Roy225 Rx Time Limit
Russ225 Rx
Melissa L105 Rx
Kelly T105 Rx
Emily Co165 Rx
Amanda Sa95 Rx Probably could have done more...
Sheridan125 Rx
Josh R265 Rx like a boss
Lisa J195 Rx 205 2 times, just not in succession... Like a baby boss.
Adam B230 Rx
Alexis105 Rx
David F205# Rx 175, 185, 205
Rob L135# Rx
Larry B230 Rx
Spencer Boy85 Rx 35, 55, 85
Taylor Cof145 Rx
Tom S135 Rx
Sam W225 Rx
Leslie95 Rx Did 105 once..PR
Jeff B225 Rx
Results Posted: 29
Jeff R 6:40am