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Thursday Nov 30,2017

Happy Birthday Jeff R & Lindsey Gro & Kim B & Rachel Pr
Gymversary Barbara-2
Thruster 1 Rep MaxCrossfit Open 14.5, 16.5TH: 3RM

Thruster 1 Rep Max

1 Rep Max Thruster

Clean the bar to the shoulders.  
Begin the Thrusters form the extended hip position
(No Squat Clean)

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Wendy B110 Rx pr
Angie135 Rx
Brittany D70 Rx PR by 10#
Robby G185 Rx 195 clean, couldn’t press out
Melissa L80 Rx
Emily Co120 Rx
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Jeff R 3:29pm

Brian L 9:47am
Happy Birthday to all you amazing people!

Brian L 8:26pm
D A M N - Barbier