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Friday Dec 1,2017

2-Amrap14: Row, Run, RD, RC

14:00 Amrap
250 m Row
Max Reps Ring Dips
        Rx2: Parallel Box Dips
        Rx3: Tricep Dips
   *Row each break in reps
Rest 2:00  
14:00 Amrap
200 m Run
2 Rope Climbs
       Rx2: 4 Knee-ups  

Score = RD + RC reps

0% 0%
1st33 Angie Fri,Dec 1,2017
2nd86 2Erin A Fri,Dec 1,2017
3rd82 2Brittany W Fri,Dec 1,2017
1st107 Toby Fri,Dec 1,2017
2nd95 Dylan Fri,Dec 1,2017
3rd88 Bryan Fri,Dec 1,2017

Stacy78 Rx2
Angie33 Rx 23 ring dips, 10 rope climbs
Erin A86 Rx2 32 KU, 54 parallel dips
Justin Gro77 Rx 65 RD / 12 RC
Jason K85 Rx 79RD,6RC
Dylan95 Rx
Toby107 Rx RMU into RD. (93/14)
Brittany W82 Rx2
Judy H90 Rx3 70 triceps dips 20 rope knee ups
Melissa L67 Rx2 ring dips with band; 2 climbs on big rope 3 pulls on short rope
Bryan88 Rx
Jeff B80 Rx 66 RD, 14 RC
Amanda Sc78 Rx2
David F153 Rx3 RX 4 push ups vs. Ring dips.
Sam W74 Rx2 Banded dips and rx rope climbs
Larry B12  rope climbs
Results Posted: 16
Jeff R 5:51pm

Angie 10:17am
Dang Toby, I almost beat you. That was SOOO close! 🤪
Toby 4:33pm
I had to try to make up for my poor performance yesterday. I’m just glad there were no thrusters in this one 😆