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Friday Dec 1,2017

2-Amrap14: Row, Run, RD, RC

14:00 Amrap
250 m Row
Max Reps Ring Dips
        Rx2: Parallel Box Dips
        Rx3: Tricep Dips
        Rx+: Medball 14/10
   *Row after each break in reps

Rest 3:00  

14:00 Amrap
200 m Run
2 Rope Climbs
       Rx2: 3 Body Pulls  
       Rx3: 4 Knee-ups
       Rx+: 1 Legless Rope Climb        

Score = RD + RC reps

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TodayAll Time

Stacy78 Rx2
Angie33 Rx 23 ring dips, 10 rope climbs
Erin A86 Rx2 32 KU, 54 parallel dips
Justin Gro77 Rx 65 RD / 12 RC
Jason K85 Rx 79RD,6RC
Dylan R95 Rx
Toby107 Rx RMU into RD. (93/14)
Brittany D82 Rx2
Judy H90 Rx3 70 triceps dips 20 rope knee ups
Melissa L67 Rx2 ring dips with band; 2 climbs on big rope 3 pulls on short rope
Bryan88 Rx
Jeff B80 Rx 66 RD, 14 RC
Amanda Sc78 Rx2
David F153 Rx3 RX 4 push ups vs. Ring dips.
Sam W74 Rx2 Banded dips and rx rope climbs
Larry B12  rope climbs
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Jeff R 5:51pm

Angie 10:17am
Dang Toby, I almost beat you. That was SOOO close! 🤪
Toby 4:33pm
I had to try to make up for my poor performance yesterday. I’m just glad there were no thrusters in this one 😆