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Monday Dec 4,2017

Happy Birthday Dylan R
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Push Pyramid

For Time
Handstand Push-Ups
   Rx2: Strict Press 95/65
   Rx3: Strict Press 65/45
   Elite: 3” Deficit  
Ring Push-Ups
   Rx2: Flash Push-up
*Start each round with 2 Cheat 2 Bar
   Rx2: Pull-ups
   Rx3: Bands or Rings
   Elite: Bar Muscle-ups

0% 0%
1st99:99 2Alex P Mon,Dec 4,2017
2nd26:17 3Spencer Boy Mon,Dec 4,2017
3rd26:42 3Erin A Mon,Dec 4,2017
1st22:50 +Toby Mon,Dec 4,2017
2nd34:10 +Justin Gro Mon,Dec 4,2017
3rd99:99 +Adam B Mon,Dec 4,2017

Brian L28:23 Rx C2B, HSPU, Ring Push-UPS (slow n steady)
Dylan R43:00 Rx Worked on strict hspu
Toby22:50 Rx+ (NFT) sdHSPU
Russ42:00 Rx2 Happy birthday Dylan!
Jason K17:11 Rx2
John B28:05 Rx2 C2B, HSPU, Ring PU (a couple of questionable HSPU reps, but all RX moves).
Justin Gro34:10 Rx+ Last 4 or 5 Def. Hspu were pretty questionable =)
Spencer Boy26:17 Rx3
Bryan32:00 Rx2 115 lb strict press the rest rx +
Adam B99:99 Rx+ no clue..did not finish..nft
Rob L29:00 Rx2 Elite except HSPU-ab mat
Erin A26:42 Rx3 65# SP, Flash push-ups, jumping pull-ups
Jeff B99:99 Rx DNF but got my first MU!!!
Alex P99:99 Rx2 DNF. Chatty Cathy today oops
Leslie99:99 Rx3 DNF trap locked up;
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