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Saturday Dec 30,2017

Happy Birthday Brigitte
Jeff R
555 Fitness Firefighter Hero WOD: This workout is dedicated to Karl Joseph, FDNY, Engine 207, who was killed on September 11, 2001.

Karl Joseph was a 'probie,' a probationary firefighter, at Engine Company 207 in downtown Brooklyn after joining the department in October 2000. The senior guys played pranks on him but he took it well. 'When you're a probie, you really can't respond back to the veterans,' said Michael Beehler, a firefighter who went through the fire academy with Mr. Joseph and worked with him at 207. 'Karl had a way of shrugging off the ribbing. He had a great smile and a great laugh,' Mr. Beehler said. 'As far as the job, he was top-notch.'

Mr. Joseph would have turned 26 on Nov. 5. He was a native of Haiti. His parents fled the chaotic country with their nine children to stake their claim in America, said Lucy Bouciquot, a family friend. 'He liked Haiti,' she said, 'but America was his home.'

Hero: Karl Joseph

21-15-9 Reps for Time
   Push Presses  
   30 Box Jumps
   Overhead Squats  

Rx: 135/95
Rx2: 95/65  
Rx3: 55/35  

Perform 21 push presses, 30 box jumps, 21 overhead squats. Then 15 push presses, 30 box jumps, 15 overhead squats. Then 9 push presses, 30 box jumps, 9 overhead squats.

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1st17:51 Angie Sat,Dec 30,2017
2nd15:38 2Alex P Sat,Dec 30,2017
3rd21:32 2Sheridan Sat,Dec 30,2017
1st21:13 Jeff B Sat,Dec 30,2017
2nd25:39 Adam B Sat,Dec 30,2017
3rd32:15 Antonio Sat,Dec 30,2017

Stacy18:08 Rx3 45#, box jumps
Jeff B21:13 Rx
Leslie20:10  15#OHS; step ups - recovering from flu
Lindsey Gro20:57  15#OHS; have to be careful;elbow 24in boxjumps
Amanda Sa15:05 Rx3 45#, 18' BoxJumps
Adam B25:39 Rx
Angie17:51 Rx
Russ23:22 Rx2 115#
Justin Gro33:27 Rx Ugggh
Tom S12:06 Rx3
Alex P15:38 Rx2
Sam W17:09 Rx2
Kelly T22:09 Rx2 First ever wod with 65# overhead squats!!!!
Jason K22:11 Rx2 Half 115# Half 95#
Janelle15:46 Rx3 55#s and step ups (legs are dead)
Sheridan21:32 Rx2 85#
Larry B22:03  95# for 21, then 145# FS for sore wrist
Melody99:00  Haylie 20# 20”bj 22:30
Judy H16:40 Rx3
Antonio32:15 Rx
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Jeff R 9:09pm

Adam B 10:56am
Jeff B......WOW!
Justin Gro 11:13am
Angie and Jeff B!  Awesomeness