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Wednesday Jan 3,2018

Comp: Team 2

2 Person Team
For Time
15 Rope Climbs  
     Rx2: knee to elbows
30 Cleans 135/85
     Rx2: 95/55
12 Rope Climbs  
24 Cleans155/105
9 Rope Climbs
18 Cleans 185/125
6 Rope Climbs  
12 Cleans 205/145

Divide reps however

0% 0%
1st21:07 2Emily Co Wed,Jan 3,2018
2nd45:00 2Sheridan Wed,Jan 3,2018
Brittany D Wed,Jan 3,2018
3rd15:08Spencer Boy Wed,Jan 3,2018
Abbey Wed,Jan 3,2018
1st20:11 Toby Wed,Jan 3,2018
2nd23:24 Jeff B Wed,Jan 3,2018
Adam B Wed,Jan 3,2018
3rd32:33 Russ Wed,Jan 3,2018
Dylan R Wed,Jan 3,2018

Toby20:11 Rx With super partner Elle W
Angie40:57  Rx but worked alone 1/2 reps
Justin Gro34:05 Rx With BL Smooth
Brian L34:05 Rx W/ J-Dawg and he carried us! #Beast
Russ32:33 Rx W/ the Doc- rope climbing machine
Dylan R32:33 Rx Thanks Russ for taking on those cleans!
Sheridan45:00 Rx2 I need helping adding...thought I had 145# on the bar, sadly only 135#. Ugh. Rx rope climbs though!
Brittany D45:00 Rx2 With Sheridan. Weight for cleans: 45, 50, 55, 60
Melissa L21:07  w/Awesome Emily;RX3; 1 RC rest KU; 55,65,75
Emily Co21:07 Rx2 w/ Melissa!!
Josh R22:48  solo (22 RC and 42 CLS) Rx weight
Janelle17:50  Solo: Did all the cleans, 1/2 rope climbs on short rope
Erin A21:46  With Elizabeth, Rx2 weight, rope K2E, went up and back down in reps
Spencer Boy15:08  With Abbey- Knee Ups; 35 > 40 > 45 > 55
Abbey15:08  Knee Ups; 35 > 40 > 45 >50
Adam B23:24 Rx with Jeff B.
Dean16:40 Rx2 with Mel, knees to elbows
Jeff B23:24 Rx Adam
Larry B40:00 Rx fail at 205 - with stud Jimmy
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