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Friday Jan 5,2018

Welcome Stacie & Joseph P


For Time
50 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
      Rx2: Pull-ups
      Rx3: 75 Ring Rows
50 Burpees
      Rx3: 35 Burpees

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1st7:45 Sheridan Fri,Jan 5,2018
2nd8:07 Angie Fri,Jan 5,2018
3rd18:28 Janelle Fri,Jan 5,2018
1st5:23 Toby Fri,Jan 5,2018
2nd6:13 Adam B Fri,Jan 5,2018
3rd6:50 Dylan R Fri,Jan 5,2018
Jeff B Fri,Jan 5,2018

Amanda Sc10:43 Rx3 rx:3 - ring rows
Roy13:35 Rx
Angie8:07 Rx
Toby5:23 Rx
Russ14:44 Rx Not sure if time is correct
Brittany D11:23 Rx2 Rx2: Pull-ups with band
Dylan R6:50 Rx
Justin Gro10:52 Rx
Sheridan7:45 Rx
Melissa L15:03 Rx3 50 burpees;PUll ups w/skinny ass red band
Spencer Bor9:14 Rx
Emily Co17:10 Rx2 no band! JMU w 3 45# PLATES
Brian L11:44 Rx
Erin A18:37 Rx3 med blue band PU, 50 burpees, hunt for belly button ring
Janelle18:28 Rx Chest to bar took 12:18
Jeff B6:50 Rx
Adam B6:13 Rx C2B Struggles in late #'s
Spencer Boy12:13 Rx3 Elbow Hurting
Tom S14:02 Rx3 30 pull-ups / 35 ring rows / 35 burpees
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Angie 6:21pm
Sheridan you’re on fire!! 🔥