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Monday Jan 29,2018

Happy Birthday Toby
Gymversary Russ-2


10 Rounds
3 Bar Muscle Ups
     Rx2: 6 Chest 2 Bar
     Rx3: 6 Jumping C2B
5 Deadlfts 275/185
     Rx2: BodyWeight
     Rx3: 115/75

Rest 1:00 Between Rounds

0% 0%
1st21:16 2Katia Mon,Jan 29,2018
2nd22:59 2Sheridan Mon,Jan 29,2018
3rd23:05 2Janelle Mon,Jan 29,2018
1st13:32 Bryan C Mon,Jan 29,2018
2nd15:29 Toby Mon,Jan 29,2018
3rd19:55 Dylan R Mon,Jan 29,2018

Larry B23:54 Rx2 c2b, 275 DL
AngieDNF Rx2 8 rounds. Hand ripped. Bar MUs & bw DLs. Finally got over fear of high bar!
Judy H15:17 Rx3 85# DL
Roy15:00 Rx2 C2B/275#
Brian L23:28 Rx2 BMU + 225# DL
Russ19:36 Rx2 CTB, 275 dl
Toby15:29 Rx
Amanda Sa14:25 Rx3 Jumping C2B, Body weight DL
Dylan R19:55 Rx
Justin Gro22:20 Rx
Adam B99:99 Rx Tore both hands in round 6 like an idiot..finished with strict PU...
Jason K24:30 Rx2 8 Rd C2B tore hand 2Rd strict PU 275DL
Mark L19:38 Rx3 155# DL
Brittany D18:48 Rx3 Jumping C2B, DL #145
Sheridan22:59 Rx2 (not sure what my time was but within 22 min range)--155# DL & C2B
Janelle23:05 Rx2 185# DL, C2B
Josh R17:46 Rx2 Started with bat muscle ups. Got 2. C2B for the rest. 275 DL
Bryan C13:32 Rx
Danielle Born18:12 Rx3 95#
Stephanie B19:17 Rx3
Susan18:16 Rx3 jump c2b; 135#
Elizabeth K19:57  Jumping C2b 155#
Kelly T23:18 Rx3 Pull ups, 135# DL
Sam W29:07 Rx 3 muscle ups unbroken for first time!
Spencer Boy14:36 Rx3 #125 DL; C2B
Taylor Cof20:14 Rx3 Pull- ups (can’t quite get C2B yet) and 185# DL
Katia21:16 Rx2 155#DL, C2B
Russell P22:50 Rx2 C2B instead of MU
Tom S16:23 Rx3 At home modified pullups / 75# DL
Rachel Pr14:46 Rx3 125#; jumping C2B
Erin ADNF Rx3 1 1/2 rounds of JC2B and #155 DL
Alex P22:14 Rx3 Pull ups and 195# DL. I did 30 pull ups!!!
Amy L14:57  JPU's, 75# DL
John BDNF Rx2 ripped on 8th round. 185 DL + C2B
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