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Tuesday Jan 30,2018

Kitchen Sink

For Time:
21 – 15 – 9:
Box Jumps

Directly into…

15 – 12 – 9:
Calories Row
Hang Snatch  

Directly into…

12 – 9 – 6:
Overhead Squats  

Rx: 95/65 Bar, 24/20 Box
Rx2: 75/45 Bar, 20/18 Box
Rx3: 55/35 Bar, Step ups

100% 0%
1st15:22 Lisa J Tue,Jan 30,2018
2nd16: 22 Sheridan Tue,Jan 30,2018
3rd16:29 Angie Tue,Jan 30,2018
1st19:17 Bryan C Tue,Jan 30,2018
2nd19:43 Jeff B Tue,Jan 30,2018
3rd20:25 Adam B Tue,Jan 30,2018

Stacy21:31 Rx3 45 lb and high step ups(hamstring issue)
Dee29:02 Rx 65Ib OHS
Christy23:17 Rx2 20”bj, 55#thrusters,snatch,oh squat
Brian L29:26 Rx
Adam B20:25 Rx
Angie16:29 Rx
Robert S31:26 Rx
Lisa J15:22 Rx
Russ26:08 Rx Nice job Lisa!
Dylan R25:50 Rx2 95 thruster, 75 hs, 65 ohs
Toby25:44  50# DB thrusters, alternating snatches and 1 arm OHS
Erin A27:21 Rx
Judy H25:55 Rx3
Jeff B19:43 Rx
Walt31:50 Rx3 Leisurely pace; nursed injuries; used 15# bar; dips for burpees
Michelle S25:28 Rx3
Brittany D21:58 Rx3 20” box jumps. 25# bar (back super tight)
Justin Gro30:02  Subbed Back Squats @185 for Thrusters (wrist)...the rest RX
Roy25:03 Rx
Emily Co25:34 Rx hands tore up from yesterday!
Katia20:20 Rx
Bryan C19:17 Rx
Sarah T19:36 Rx3 35#
Alex P24:09 Rx
Elizabeth K24:02 Rx2 45#
Leslie24:59  20# Th & HS; 15# OHS
Jason K24:33 Rx
David F24:02 Rx insaneo in da braino
Stacie18:30 Rx
Abbey25:00 Rx3
Spencer Boy26:52 Rx3 #35; Box Jumps
Joy P25:30 Rx2
Michael S31:15  Step ups/35 lb bar/box burpees
Tom S19:49 Rx3 At home / 16 in step ups / BW squats instead of row / 45# bar
Janelle23:24  Shoulder messed up so front squats instead of OHS
Antonio28:45 Rx
Sheridan16: 22 Rx
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