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Thursday Feb 1,2018

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Max: Front Squat 1RMHero: Small

Front Squat 1RM

Max: Weight
Find your 1 rep Max Front Squat

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Toby265 Rx 10# PR
Christy145 Rx
Brittany D105 Rx
Russ280 Rx pur
Walt85 Rx
Rob L170# Rx 14th
Justin Gro245 Rx 8th PR
Stacy125 Rx Wasn’t feeling it today
Dylan R225 Rx 11th PR
Stacie180 Rx
Melissa L115 Rx
Brian L225 Rx PR x 10 (fail @ 235)
Emily Co175 Rx 5th
Erin A155 Rx tied PR, fail at 160
Leslie100 Rx 16th new PR by 5#
Alexis110 Rx 14th
Antonio245 Rx 8th 135, 185, 225, 245, 275(Fail
Michael S135 Rx 17th
Larry B275 Rx 6th not pretty
Jacob L65 Rx 20th
Rachel Pr110 Rx NEW PR
Spencer Boy110 Rx 14th NEW PR
Katia160 Rx 7th PR by 5lb
Sheridan145 Rx
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Jeff R 6:17am

Jeff R 6:18am
U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Marc Small, 29, of Collegeville, PA, assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), based in Fort Bragg, NC, died on February 12, 2009, from wounds sustained when insurgents attacked his unit with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and small arms fire in Faramuz, Afghanistan.

He is survived by his father and stepmother, Murray and Karen, mother and stepfather, Mary and Peter MacFarland, and fiancee Amanda Charney.