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Friday Feb 2,2018

Gymversary Amanda Sa-2
Welcome Jacob L
Complex: PC, PJ,CrossFit Open 15.4Other Posted Results

Complex: PC, PJ,

Every 2:00 for 12:00 (7 total sets)

1 Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk + 1 T&G Clean + 1 Jerk

*Work on speed of transition from CL to JK

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TodayAll Time

Bryan C195 Rx
Emily Co105 Rx
Walt35# Rx Worked on form
Justin Gro145 Rx
Jason K155 Rx
Brian L145 Rx 95-115-135-135-145-145
Brittany D50 Rx
Amanda Sa75 Rx
Rachel Pr65 Rx
Amanda Sc65 Rx
Melody85 Rx
Sheridan130 Rx
Dylan R135 Rx
RussRx 185# not touch and go on second clean bc I didn’t follow directions correctly.
Melissa L75 Rx
David F165 Rx 135;155;155;155;160;165
Janelle115 Rx 85,95,105,115,115,115 (shoulder still sore)
Lisa J155 Rx
Adam B195 Rx
Russell P195 Rx
Leslie75 Rx Tied PR twice
John B135 Rx
Tom S125 Rx
Larry B165 Rx
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