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Monday Feb 5,2018

3Amrap7: BJ, HSPU, Row, Burp, DU, SU

7:00 Amrap
  10 Box Jumps Over 24/20    
        Rx2: Step Overs
    5 Handstand Push-ups      
        Rx2: 10 Push-ups
7:00 Amrap
   10 Calorie Row
     5 Burpees over Rower
7:00 Amrap
    50 Double Unders  
       Rx2: 100 Singles
    20 Sit-ups

Rest 3:00 Between Amraps. Score = Reps + Cals

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TodayAll Time

Stacy583 Rx2 a little sore from yesterday.....
Robert S521 Rx
Jason K338 Rx
Russ421 Rx2 rx 'cept plate+mat
Michelle S430  kb swings instead of box, squats instead of du
Brittany D579 Rx2 20” box jumps, flash pushups, single unders
Justin Gro353 Rx
Melody346 Rx2 10 flash pu and 15 du
Mark L544 Rx2
Toby630 Rx 170/100/360
Jeff R323 Rx
Angie603 Rx
Emily Co275 Rx stupid DU!!
Tom Wi483 Rx
Christy512 Rx2 RX all except hdstand pushups
Alex P616 Rx2 dragon flags, singles, step overs
Kim B511 Rx2
Stephanie B571 Rx2
Danielle Born620 Rx2 rx2 for single unders,50Box Jumps, 15HSPU, 50 cal row, 20 Burp, 400SU 80 SU
Melissa L612 Rx2 HSPU with 25# plate
Elizabeth K799 Rx2 step ups/HSPU 45#
Hanna L521 Rx2 HSPU with 25# plate
Jeff B464 Rx
Tom S524 Rx2
Adam B598 Rx
Katia747 Rx2 RX except Single unders and I use an ab mat for HSPU
Taylor Cof351 Rx2 HSPU with 25lb plate
Janelle667 Rx2
Larry B441 Rx2 all rx but hspu on a plate
Amy L318 Rx2 1st Time Box jumps since Baby, Flash Push ups, All DU's
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