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Tuesday Feb 6,2018

Back Squats 5 x 24RFT: BS, Lunge, RunOther Posted Results

Back Squats 5 x 2

5 Rounds
2 Back Squats

Build up to 95% of 1RM

0% 0%
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Amanda Sc115 Rx
Elle110 Rx
Christy175 Rx Last year 6/17 @170 pr by 5#
Roy315 Rx
Angie205 Rx 2nd rep of 215 was wonky (knees in/bad form)
Stacy135 Rx
Russ275 Rx form work
Jason K355 Rx
Lisa J255 Rx 275 was a disaster haha
Brittany D115 Rx Worked up to 115 for last set.
Taylor Cof175# Rx
Toby275 Rx 1@295
Robby G295 Rx
Dylan R245 Rx
John B225 Rx (slowly bringing back the squats post groin injury)
Justin Gro295 Rx
Sheridan165 Rx 175 for 1 then failed 2nd rep.
Melissa L135 Rx
Emily Co195 Rx
Janelle175 Rx dropped 2nd rep of 195
Alex P205 Rx
Leslie115 Rx
Danielle Born105 Rx poss PR
David F235# Rx yuck...everything is so heavy!
Elizabeth K120 Rx
Larry B295 Rx
Katia185 Rx Did a 1 Rep Max at 190
Dawn M20 Rx 12:29
Abbey105 Rx
Blake165 Rx
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