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Wednesday Feb 7,2018

2014 CrossFit Games: Event 3

For Time
8 Deadlifts  
7 Cleans  
6 Snatches  

8 Pull-Ups
7 Chest-To-Bar  
6 Bar Muscle-Ups

6 Deadlifts  
5 Cleans  
4 Snatches  

6 Pull-Ups
5 Chest-To-Bar  
4 Bar Muscle-Ups

4 Deadlifts  
3 Cleans  
2 Snatches  

4 Pull-Ups
3 Chest-To-Bar  
2 Bar Muscle-Ups

Rx: 135/95
Rx2: 96/65, 21-15-9 Pull-ups
Rx3: 55/35, 21-15-9 Bands or Rings

0% 0%
1st21:26 Angie Wed,Feb 7,2018
2nd6:14 2Stacie Wed,Feb 7,2018
3rd7:37 2Janelle Wed,Feb 7,2018
1st8:38 Toby Wed,Feb 7,2018
2nd9:30 Bryan C Wed,Feb 7,2018
3rd12:47 Robert S Wed,Feb 7,2018

Robby G22:05 Rx2 RX2 weight, RX gymnastics, tore on 9th muscle up and still finished them! Getting it done!!!
Haylie9:45  I25# banded pullups
Melody10:54 Rx3 65# banded pull-ups
Bryan C9:30 Rx
Toby8:38 Rx
Robert S12:47 Rx
Russ11:18 Rx2 Rx weight. 21-15-9 pu’s
Jason K99:99 Rx2 Worked on form and did my own workout
Dylan R10:42 Rx2 Rx MU, etc; 135 1st rd DL/cleans, then 95#
Sheridan11:00 Rx2 Sometime in the 10 min mark--85# and 21-15-9 C2B
Melissa L9:09 Rx3 45# Snatch; 1small red band
Emily Co13:30 Rx2 rx weight! 95#; banded PU-hands torn
Taylor Cof8:42 Rx2
Ken H14:40. #75. Banded. Rx3
Josh R11:28 Rx
Janelle7:37 Rx2
Erin A10:29 Rx3 Rx2 weight; thin red, med blue banded PU
Spencer Bor11:17 Rx
Angie21:26 Rx
Spencer Boy8:35 Rx3 #40 for Snatches, Green Banded Pull Ups Only
Stacie6:14 Rx2
Adam B15:30 Rx
Michael S10:55 Rx3
Larry B14:10 Rx2 1st rd 135, 115 rd 2 and 3, lots of MU misses
Justin Gro16:43 Rx No push, worked on form
Jeff B14:40 Rx
Tom S11:14 Rx3 75# / ring pull ups / at home
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