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Thursday Feb 8,2018

FT: Row, KBS, PPSP: 5 x 3 @ 90%Other Posted Results

FT: Row, KBS, PP

15:00 Time Cap
50 Calorie Row
40 Kettle Bell Swings
30 1-Arm KB Push Press  
40 Kettle Bell Swings  
50 Calorie Row

Kettle Bells
Rx: 53/35
Rx2: 35/26
Rx3: 26/18, 25 Calorie Row

*Add 1 sec for each rep/calorie over 15:00

0% 0%
1st12:03 Lisa J Thu,Feb 8,2018
2nd13:19 Stacie Thu,Feb 8,2018
3rd13:22 Emily Co Thu,Feb 8,2018
1st10:07 Roy Thu,Feb 8,2018
2nd10:49 David F Thu,Feb 8,2018
3rd11:08 Bryan C Thu,Feb 8,2018

Stacy13:21 Rx2 35# kB
Robby G14:35 Rx Still getting lungs back! Getting stronger everyday!
Christy15:00+ Rx2 7cal short at time so. 35#kbs, 26#pp, work on rowing
Roy10:07 Rx
Chad C13:46 Rx2
Jason K13:54 Rx
Dylan R14:02 Rx
Michelle S13:28 Rx2 RKBS nursing back still
Judy H14:55 Rx3 25 cal, 26KB 18 PP
Lisa J12:03 Rx 53 and 44 KBS presses
Justin Gro12:17 Rx
Russ12:28 Rx Couldn’t stay in front of the rowing machine that is Justin Gross
Brittany D15:05 Rx3 26# for KB swings, 18# for push presses, 5 cal short of RX
Sheridan14:55 Rx 44# KB swings; 35# presses
Sam W11:29 Rx
Angelika11:57 Rx2
Amy L13:42 Rx3 18# 1 arm bell, 26# KB Swings
Erin A15:07 Rx
Emily Co13:22 Rx
Melissa L15:04 Rx2
Brian L15:50 Rx No lunges today - didn’t do last 50 row
David F10:49 Rx
Bryan C11:08 Rx
Alex P14:23 Rx
Jeff B11:15 Rx
Stacie13:19 Rx
Jimmy14:23 Rx
Tom S15:22 Rx2
Larry B13:34 Rx
Abbey15:56 Rx2
Amanda Sa12:02 Rx3 Rx2 weight, 25cal row
Michael S15:49  26# KB; 50 Cal row
Results Posted: 32
Jeff R 3:39pm