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Saturday Feb 10,2018

Squating Elizabeth

21-15-9 reps of:
Squat Cleans 135/95
      Rx2: 95/65
      Rx3: 75/45
      Rx Masters 55+: 95/65
Ring Dips
      Rx2: Box Dips  
      Rx3: Flash Push-ups
      Rx Masters 55+: Ring Dips

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TodayAll Time

Haylie10:02  25# box dips
Mark L14:37 Rx3 75# CS and Box dips. Back still tender.
Judy H11:30 Rx3 Box dips
Bryan C9:28 Rx
Melissa L10:07 Rx3 45#; did half first round 65#
Hanna L7:32  20#
Amy L9:08 Rx2 65 #'s and Box dips
Elizabeth K8:25 Rx2 75# box dips
Brian L13:50 Rx
Justin Gro8:35  225 DL's, Ring Dips (wrist)
Katia14:41 Rx2 95lb cleans and squats and in beteen boxes dips with no feet.
Brittany D9:50 Rx3 55#, box dips
Taylor Cof14:00 Rx2 95# clean, between box dips w/ feet
Russ15:18 Rx
David F15:43 Rx milestone--no shoulder pain on dips (success)
Kathryn S14:00 Rx3 44 bar weight and box dips
Rob L12:08 Rx2 Ring dips
Janelle13:26 Rx2 95# and between box dips with toe on ground
Larry B11:45 Rx dips are horrible
Dylan R14:20 Rx wrist problems last 2 rounds
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