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Tuesday Feb 13,2018

Gymversary Jeff He-2

E3mom36: Row, TTB, Burp

6 Rounds

3:00 to complete
  500 m Row
      Rx2: 300 m Row

3:00 Amrap
  10 Toes 2 Bar
      Rx2: Knee-ups
  10 Burpees

*Score = reps from Amrap

0% 0%
1st249 Angie Tue,Feb 13,2018
2nd228 Sheridan Tue,Feb 13,2018
3rd224 Stacie Tue,Feb 13,2018
1st316 Toby Tue,Feb 13,2018
2nd299 Dylan R Tue,Feb 13,2018
3rd274 Bryan C Tue,Feb 13,2018

Stacy257 Rx2 500 meter row
Jason K181 Rx
Brittany D164 Rx
Angie249 Rx
Robby G168 Rx
Judy H180 Rx2
Rob L239 Rx Too many small breaks!
Justin Gro200 Rx
Toby316 Rx
Dylan R299 Rx
Sheridan228 Rx
Ken H155. Knee ups Rx
Emily Co139 Rx
Melissa L168 Rx
Spencer Bor242 Rx
Amanda Sc215 Rx2 500m row
Bryan C274 Rx
Lisa J173 Rx
Katia220 Rx
Jeff B258 Rx
Erin A135  Rx rowing dist, 4 rds T2B, 2 rds sit ups (ripped hands, missed one row to clean hands)
Abbey155 Rx2 half toes to bar half knee ups
John B185 Rx
Stacie224 Rx
Michael S95 Rx2
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