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Wednesday Feb 14,2018

Happy Birthday Adam B & Jeff S
Welcome Amanda C & Malik
Amrap7: DU, WBDL: 4 x 6Other Posted Results

Amrap7: DU, WB

7 min Amrap
150 Double Unders
       Rx2: 40 DU -or- 450 Singles
       Rx3: 500 m Row
75 Wall Ball 20/14
       Rx2: 14/10

*Score is Total number of Reps

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Emily Co122 Rx2 50 DU; 72 WB
Jeff R294 Rx
Melody109  40 du in 31/2 min then 69 14#wb
Haylie249  200 singles 49 10#wb to top of white board
Taylor Cof215 Rx
Ken H375 Rx2
Robert S215 Rx
Danielle Born345 Rx2 45 WB 10# 300SU
Jason K202 Rx2 50DU 52 WB
Brittany D359 Rx2 14# wall ball, 300 singles
Russ200 Rx 150du 50wb
Justin Gro360 Rx2 singles
Judy H360 Rx2 300 singles 60WB
Sheridan210 Rx 20# wall ball
Adam B269 Rx
Jeff B210 Rx
Dean204 Rx 150 DU, 54 wall
Josh R200 Rx 30# wall balls
Alex P415 Rx2 singles and 14 lb WB's
Bryan C270 Rx
Lisa J212 Rx
Kate B36  500 meter row, 35 wall balls
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