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Wednesday Feb 28,2018

Welcome Sydnee


For Time
   21 Back Squats
    7 Rope Climbs
   15 Back Squats
    5 Rope Climbs
    9 Back squats
    3 Rope Climbs

Back Squats
Rx: Body Weight / 75% Body Weight
Rx2: 75% BW
Rx3: 50% BW
*Clean bars from floor

Rope Climbs
Rx2: 5-3-1 Rope Climb
Rx3: 21-15-9 Bar Knee-ups

0% 0%
1st11:06 Angie Wed,Feb 28,2018
2nd20:40 Sheridan Wed,Feb 28,2018
3rd12:30 2Abbey Wed,Feb 28,2018
1st8:43 Toby Wed,Feb 28,2018
2nd11:43 Jeff B Wed,Feb 28,2018
3rd11:50 Adam B Wed,Feb 28,2018

Robby G13:19 Rx2 Shoulder a little sore, took it easy and intentional.
Toby8:43 Rx Feelin beat up today 🤕 JG & LB, you guys are BEASTS
Sheridan20:40 Rx
Russ11:19 Rx2 As written-easy livin’
Justin Gro12:50 Rx 185
Danielle Born7:06 Rx3 65#
Walt8:47 Rx3 55#; Rx2 for RC
Jason K12:00 Rx3 185# knee ups
Brittany D9:38 Rx3 55#, rx2 for rope climbs
Larry B15:36 Rx #195- thanks for the push 7:30 crew
Dylan R10:14 Rx2 135#, Rx rope climbs (still recovering from ab strain)
Janelle9:10 Rx3 95# BS; 3-2-1 but on short rope
Melissa L14:40 Rx3 65# BS;RX2 RC on long rope
Brian L21:47 Rx 175# - excuse my French... HOLY SHIT!
Adrienne9:08 Rx3
Erin A99:99  Rx2 BS, attempted rope climbs 3-2-1
Angie11:06 Rx 100# BS
Adam B11:50 Rx 170# NFT
Abbey12:30 Rx2
Jeff B11:43 Rx 185#
Tom S12:18 Rx2 125 # / 3-2-1
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