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Monday Mar 5,2018

Happy Birthday Dean & Kamill
Team2: Row, C+JOther Posted Results

Team2: Row, C+J

For Time

2 Person Team

100 Calorie Row

100 Clean and Jerks  
       Rx: 135/95
       Rx2: 95/65
       Rx3: 55/35

*Divide reps and calories however

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1st16:06 Sheridan Mon,Mar 5,2018
2nd16:46 Janelle Mon,Mar 5,2018
Lisa J Mon,Mar 5,2018
3rd18:20 Stacie Mon,Mar 5,2018
Taylor Cof Mon,Mar 5,2018
1st12:32 Sam W Mon,Mar 5,2018
2nd14:05 David F Mon,Mar 5,2018
Bryan Mon,Mar 5,2018
3rd15:34 Russ Mon,Mar 5,2018
Larry B Mon,Mar 5,2018

Robby G13:37 Rx2 Matt, did 135, and 155 afterwards
Kate B19:39 Rx3 w/ Mark L. rx3 45#
Angie18:54 Rx w/ Amanda
Jeff R15:35 Rx With Robert S.
Robert S15:35 Rx with the man Jeff R.
Jason K17:22 Rx W/JGross
Matt Sp13:37 Rx2 W/ Robby. 95# C&J
Brittany D16:09  55#, with Sheridan
Michelle S23:32 Rx2 w/ Lauren
Danielle Born19:39 Rx3 45#
Walt19:39 Rx3 35#; with Danelle
Russ15:34 Rx Great work, Larry. You are a machine.
Larry B15:34 Rx with Big Russ - always fun
Justin Gro17:22 Rx Big Kisz
John B17:35 Rx2 115lbs w/Dylan
Sheridan16:06 Rx w/ Brittany
Mark L19:39 Rx3 Did 75# Hang clean to jerk to save back.
Lauren Hol23:32 Rx2 w/ Michelle
Taylor Cof18:20 Rx w/ Stacie
Stacie18:20 Rx The amazing T Coffey
Josh S19:52 Rx TOM WINGARD
Katia20:13 Rx w/Emily
Lisa J16:46 Rx With Janelle!
Bryan14:05 Rx
Alex P16:39 Rx2 85 lbs with Stephanie
Erin A17:41 Rx2 with Liz
Elizabeth K17:41 Rx2 65# with Erin:)
David F14:05 Rx w/ master B
Josh R12:32 Rx With big Sam!
Spencer Boy18:50 Rx3 #60 with Rachel <3
Rachel Pr18:50 Rx3 #60 with Spencer
Russell P16:56 Rx With Jeff H.
Jeff He16:56 Rx w/ russ p
Tom S17:21 Rx2
Janelle16:46 Rx With Lisa!!!!
Sam W12:32 Rx With Josh Rex!
Dylan R17:35 Rx2 with John Barker...115#
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