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Tuesday Mar 6,2018


Signiture: Time-Rx3
For Time
9 - 7 - 5 reps of:
Muscle-Ups (rings)
         Rx2: C2B Pull-ups
         Rx3: Jumping C2B Pull-ups
Squat Snatches 135/95    
            Rx2: 95/65  
            Rx3: 64/45

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Angie3:58 Rx2 worked on hook grip. (Shoulder)
Kate B5:37  JC2B, 35# squat snatch
Roy7:20 Rx2 135 c2b
Adam B99:99  14 RMU total..did not finish
Toby14:03 Rx Frustrating snatches today. Too many misses.
Jason K99:99 Rx2 115 squat snatch C2B
John Bnft  Worked on RMU
Robby G11:03 Rx2 Bar Muscle Ups, 95 LBS, 135 afterwards
Lauren Hol10:19 Rx3
Walt7:56 Rx3
Justin Gro99:99  NFT, RMU, 115 squat snatch
Rachel Pr5:20 Rx3 40#
Russ99:99  Worked on snatch form at 95#...chin-up ctb to duplicate rmu movements.
Emily Co10:31 Rx2 rx weight 95#; C2B
Leslie5:56  20# snatch; C2B (RX3) - nursing trap still
Danielle Born5:53 Rx3 25#snatch, CTB
Kim B6:40 Rx3 25# snatch squat
Bryan9:59 Rx
Spencer Bor10:01 Rx
David O8:00 Rx
Spencer Boy2:30 Rx3 #125 Deadlifts and C2B- Elbow sore from yesterday
Larry B9:55 Rx2 did some 115's and then PR at 125
Tom S11:04 Rx3 wide grip chin ups and 65# SS
Dylan R18:34  Rmu, 135# squat clean
Russell P5:25 Rx2
David F6:25 Rx3 75# CTB
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