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Monday Mar 12,2018

Row, Front Rack Step-up, PPOther Posted Results

Row, Front Rack Step-up, PP

50 Calorie Row
50 Front Rack Step-ups  
50 Push Press

Rx:   95/65  
Rx2: 65/45  
Mstrs: 45/25

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Kate B16:08  15# dumbbells instead of bar
Robby G16:13 Rx2 75 lbs, tried ring muscle ups again. 😂
Roy11:50 Rx
MelodyNft 18:30 Rx2 50 strict knee ups #55 slow careful back
Haylie25:00  20# push press and step-ups. had trouble with push press and row.
Jason K12:54 Rx
Danielle Born14:40 Rx3 35# bar
Larry B16:01 Rx
Michelle S18:32 Rx2 55#
Walt19:10 Rx3 15# SUs; 40-35# PPs
Brittany D20:38 Rx2
Russ17:48 Rx Not mah day but put in work. Walt is awesome
Josh S15:19 Rx
Adrienne14:30  15lb
Sam W12:09 Rx Got me for now, Roy.
Lisa J10:09 Rx
Erin A14:05 Rx2
Katia11:21 Rx2
Alex P13:49 Rx3 shoulder problems
Bryan10:38 Rx
Jeff B11:07 Rx
David F13:03 Rx
Dylan R14:10 Rx
David O10:18 Rx
Russell P11:41 Rx
Stacie11:42 Rx
Rachel Pr16:31 Rx2
Ken H10:40 Rx2
Sheridan14:17 Rx
Taylor Cof13:40 Rx
Tom Wi15:16 Rx
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