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Wednesday Mar 14,2018

Descending: DL, Sit-ups, FPUOther Posted Results

Descending: DL, Sit-ups, FPU

For Time:
  Deadlifts 225/155
    Rx2: 155/115
    Rx3: 95/65
  Abmat Sit-ups

0% 0%
1st14:29 Janelle Wed,Mar 14,2018
2nd15:38 Erin A Wed,Mar 14,2018
3rd15:48 Katia Wed,Mar 14,2018
1st9:45 David F Wed,Mar 14,2018
2nd11:29 Bryan C Wed,Mar 14,2018
3rd11:55 Justin Gro Wed,Mar 14,2018

Emily Co16:00 Rx
Mark L17:54 Rx3 135# dl. Back still not a hundo
Russell P17:11 Rx
Melody19:16  65#fs nft back
Jason K15:14 Rx Nice work Justin Gross
Rachel Pr17:34 Rx2 115# DL
Justin Gro11:55 Rx
Danielle Born16:21 Rx2 RX 2 115# DL
Toby19:53 Rx (NFT) 20# MB SUs; Ring PUs with feet on MB.
Walt19:48 Rx3 85# DLs
Brittany D17:58 Rx2 125# DLs
Amanda Sa18:24 Rx3 #95 DLs
Brian LDNF Rx Low back spasm on set of 5’s
Russ14:47 Rx Justin was movin’- pushups were taxing.
John BNFT Rx2 155lb DL. (Taking it easy on the groin)
Larry B16:37 Rx
Erin A15:38 Rx
David F9:45 Rx 235# DL
Amanda Sc16:38 Rx2
Leslie19:27 Rx3
Bryan C11:29 Rx
Dylan R18:10 Rx Taking it easy...ring PU, 20# medball SU
Jeff B99:99 Rx Clean Grip DL, Ring Push Ups, T2B
Spencer Boy18:56 Rx2
Jeff He15:28 Rx
Katia15:48 Rx
Janelle14:29 Rx
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