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Monday Apr 2,2018

Happy Birthday Sam L

3RFT:: Run, RMU, WB

3 Rounds For Time
400 m Run
5 Ring Muscle Ups
   Rx2: Ring Chin-ups
   Rx3: Pull-up Progression
   Elite: Medball Ring MU
25 Wall Balls 20/14
   Rx2: 14/10

0% 0%
1st13:11 3Melissa M Mon,Apr 2,2018
2nd14:00 3Spencer Boy Mon,Apr 2,2018
3rd14:14 3Erin A Mon,Apr 2,2018
1st26:05 +Toby Mon,Apr 2,2018
2nd11:37 Dee Mon,Apr 2,2018
3rd16:50 Dylan R Mon,Apr 2,2018

Robby G15:29 Rx2 20 wb, ring chin ups
Toby26:05 Rx+ 🐢🐢🐢 Strict 20#MB RMU
Spencer Bor16:08 Rx
Melissa M13:11 Rx3
Brian L99:99 Rx2 NFT - worked on RMU each round (Close but no cigar)
Justin Gro20:40 Rx NFT
Brittany D15:02 Rx3 14#MB
Erin A14:14 Rx3 Rx WB
Danielle Born15:46 Rx3 10# WB, Banded chin ups
Leslie19:36 Rx3 banded chest to bar; 10#WB
Blake??:?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Rx2 RCU, 14lb WB, all with 14# weight vest
Spencer Boy14:00 Rx3 5 Banded Chin Ups- Skinny Green and Black; 10# WB
Violet22.10  did rx 1 cpmlete and 2 complete
Christina L22:00 Rx3
Tom S23:21 Rx2
Janelle15:39 Rx3 Bar chin ups/C2B, 14# was ball
Kelly T22:48 Rx3 Bar Chin ups, 14# WB
Dee11:37 Rx 20 ibs wallballs
Dylan R16:50 Rx very slow RMU
Sam W18:29  Subbed RMU for DL
Sheridan?? Rx2 4 rounds, strict chin-ups, 20#WB,
Results Posted: 21
Jeff R 1:53pm