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Tuesday Apr 3,2018

Hero: Hero: DTMasters DT: 55+

Hero: DT

Hero: Time-Rx3
5 rounds for time:
  12 Deadlifts  
  9 Hang Power Cleans  
  6 Push Jerks  

Rx: 155/105
Rx2: 115/75
Rx3: 75/45

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Wendy B13:43 Rx3 65#
Amanda Sc14:14 Rx3 65#
Kate B13:48 Rx3 55#
Angie11:49 Rx
Mary Wahlstrom.16:20 Rx3 55#
Kim B15:35 Rx3
Brittany D12:55 Rx3 55#
Toby20:56 Rx Weakness workout. I need to do this one more often.
Justin Gro22:06 Rx
Taylor Cof16:02 Rx
Robert S23:15 Rx
John B99:99 Rx2 135lbs. 4 rounds. Grip died.
Sheridan13:30 Rx Awesome job everyone!!
Mark L14:04 Rx3 95# 1st 2 rounds then 75# rest.
Melody14:44 Rx3 65# careful back. Felt fine. 6 rounds
Emily Co13:15 Rx
Melissa L13:01 Rx3 1 round 75# the rest 65#
Spencer Bor11:03 Rx
Kelly T21:48 Rx2 95#
Dylan R22:50 Rx2 10 rounds at 115#
Sam W14:37 Rx
Lisa J7:45 Rx
Brian L22:06  4-RNDs @ RX weight (low back spasms again)
Danielle Born13:32 Rx3 1st round 70# 4 rounds 65#
Bryan C12:16 Rx
Leslie12:46 Rx3 #45; last time 15:13 w/ #35
Jeff B14:10 Rx
Spencer Boy12:44 Rx3 1 Mile Run Before Class- Sore Shoulder
Tom S18:19  masters RX 105#
Rachel Pr15:50 Rx3 65#
Violet12min 45lbs  beginner
Haylie11:13  30#
Larry B17:24 Rx
Results Posted: 33
Jeff R 1:36pm

Kate B 5:49am
Welcome back Wendy! Way to start things off with a hero wod. 🙂