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Wednesday Apr 4,2018

Welcome Andres
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FG: WOD2 Prep

12:00 Amrap
50 DB Snatch 50/35 (alternating, off-hand away from  
    Rx2: 35/20
    Rx3: 20/10
40 Plate-Hop Burpees 25/15 Rx2 15/10
30 Air squats
20 Hand-release Push-ups
10 Pull-ups
    Rx2: Ring Rows

Emom: 8 Russian Twist (Feet must be in the air.)  
    Rx2: 15/10

Score = Rep not including EMOM

0% 0%
1st186 Angie Wed,Apr 4,2018
2nd180 Taylor Cof Wed,Apr 4,2018
3rd152 Lisa J Wed,Apr 4,2018
1st211 Jeff B Wed,Apr 4,2018
2nd205 Dylan R Wed,Apr 4,2018
3rd192 Toby Wed,Apr 4,2018

Wendy B120 Rx2
Russ175 Rx2 DT before...245x3 3-1-1 tempo back squat
Angie186 Rx
Brittany D182 Rx2 15# plate for burpees and RT
Toby192 Rx
Justin Gro162 Rx It felt nice to lay on the floor between burpees
Lisa J152 Rx 50# dB, 25# plate
Josh S162 Rx A love triangle at 162 reps
Angelika150 Rx2
Melissa L192 Rx2 Pull-ups
Hanna L184 Rx2
Roy162 Rx
Jeff R160 Rx
Erin A178 Rx2 25# DBS, 15# twist, banded PU
Violet150 Rx2
Danielle Born150 Rx2 25# DB snatch, 15# russian twist
Jeff B211 Rx
Dylan R205 Rx
Alex P150 Rx2
Christina L153 Rx2
Taylor Cof180 Rx
Melissa M172 Rx2 20# DB snatch, 15# Russian, banded PU
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