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Friday Apr 6,2018

Michael Ber
Welcome Michael Ber

FT: Row, Run, Sit-up

For Time
1,000 m Row
1,000 m Run
75 Sit-ups

800 m Row  
800 m Run
50 Sit-ups

600 m Row
600 m Run
25 Sit-ups

0% 0%
1st31:07 Angie Fri,Apr 6,2018
2nd31:24 Amanda Sc Fri,Apr 6,2018
3rd32:30 Taylor Cof Fri,Apr 6,2018
1st28:03 David F Fri,Apr 6,2018
2nd28:23 Russell P Fri,Apr 6,2018
3rd28:46 Justin Gro Fri,Apr 6,2018

Amanda Sc31:24 Rx
Lindsey Gro33:40 Rx
Justin Gro28:46 Rx
Russ33:36 Rx
Amy L36:38 Rx
Brittany D34:15 Rx
Jeff R33:30 Rx
Andres34:20  Did first two rounds
Josh S34:56 Rx
Michael Ber35:45 Rx
Emily Co34:50 Rx
Spencer Bor27:59 Rx
David F28:03 Rx
Spencer Boy36:04 Rx 1 Mile in 6:30 w/ Rachel
Danielle Born36:50 Rx
Taylor Cof32:30 Rx
Toby32:05 Rx Slow and steady W 20# vest
Kelly T44:02 Rx
Adam B30:35 Rx w/20# vest
Rachel Pr34:10 Rx
Jeff B28:50 Rx
Angie31:07 Rx
Blake36:00 Rx W/ 14# vest
Russell P28:23 Rx
Tom S48:33 Rx
Rob L31:00 Rx May have paced a bit much
Dylan R30:05 Rx 20# vest
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