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Tuesday Apr 10,2018

Amrap15: DL, Pull-ups, BurpeeOther Posted Results

Amrap15: DL, Pull-ups, Burpee

15:00 Amrap
2 Deadlifts  
2 Pull-ups
   5 Burpees
4 Deadlifts
4 Pull-ups
   5 Burpees
6 Deadlifts
6 Pull-ups
   5 Burpees
....continue to increase DL and PU by 2 reps each round.  

Rx: 275/165
Rx2: 225/125
Rx3: 135/85

Rx2: Bands
Rx3: Rings

0% 0%
1st152 Angie Tue,Apr 10,2018
Taylor Cof Tue,Apr 10,2018
2nd158 2Danielle Born Tue,Apr 10,2018
3rd147 2Brittany D Tue,Apr 10,2018
1st178 Jeff B Tue,Apr 10,2018
2nd167 Adam B Tue,Apr 10,2018
3rd142 Justin Gro Tue,Apr 10,2018

Melissa M10  75# DL & banded PU
Angie152 Rx
Larry B97 Rx
Adam B167 Rx had to start w/ PU first per class size.
Brian L115 Rx2 225 DL, PU’s, Burpees (1 DL into 14)
Taylor Cof152 Rx
Brittany D147 Rx2 135#DL and PUs with band
John B105 Rx2 225
Jason K85 Rx Stopped after rd 10 exertion headache
Toby118 Rx 275 got HEAVY
Robby G97 Rx 415 1 rep dl!!!!
Walt84 Rx3 105# DLs; banded PUs (Black)
Justin Gro142 Rx 415 DL (PR)
Russ133 Rx
Roy135 Rx Hard to Breathe
Judy H114 Rx3
Amanda Sc114 Rx2 Red and green bands
Jeff B178 Rx
Robert S114 Rx 365# DL
Russell P124 Rx
Tom S103 Rx2 165# DL / pullups
Kim B134 Rx3 85# DL, green and red bands
Danielle Born158 Rx2 125#DL, banded pu, made it through entire 14 finished with 11 deadlifts is 16th round.
Amy L128 Rx2 Black band
Jeff R122 Rx Vest
Dylan R151 Rx2 20# vest, 225 DL, PU
Sam W102  185#
Spencer Bor152 Rx
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