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Saturday Apr 14,2018

Gymversary Dee-3
Welcome Sarah O
Lunges, KB PJ, TTBOther Posted Results

Lunges, KB PJ, TTB

40:00 Time Cap
300 ft Single Arm Overhead Lunges 50/35
      Rx2: 200 ft 35/20
      Rx3: 100 ft 20/10
60 Single Arm DB Push Jerks
30 Toes 2 Bar
       Rx2: Knee Ups  

*200 m Run each break in reps
      Rx2: 100 m Run

100% 0%
1st29:18 Taylor Cof Sat,Apr 14,2018
2nd32:12 Emily Co Sat,Apr 14,2018
3rd17:00 3katherine C Sat,Apr 14,2018
1st15:50 Bryan C Sat,Apr 14,2018
2nd19:42 Justin Gro Sat,Apr 14,2018
3rd22:37 Sam W Sat,Apr 14,2018

Mark L20:17 Rx3 20# 300 ft Lunges,30 KUs and 5-200mruns up
Bryan C15:50 Rx
Brittany D16:15  300ft lunges, 15#DB; knee ups, 200m runs
Kim B23:08 Rx3 rx2 push jerks and knee-ups, 200 ft lunges
Josh S29:22 Rx
katherine C17:00 Rx3 10lbs. Db
Emily Co32:12 Rx
Russ18:13 Rx2 Day 6 feelins’
Justin Gro19:42 Rx
Taylor Cof29:18 Rx
Melissa M21:39 Rx3 15# 300ft & push jerks, 30 knee ups
Sam W22:37 Rx
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