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Monday Apr 30,2018

Leah C
Welcome Leah C

2018 Mstrs Regional Qualifier: WOD 1

For Time
4 Rounds
25 Pull-ups  
     Rx2: Bands
     Rx3: Rings
5 Cleans 155/105
     Rx2: 115/75
     Rx3: 75/55
     Elite: 205/125

0% 0%
1st12:24 +Angie Mon,Apr 30,2018
2nd13:08 +Sheridan Mon,Apr 30,2018
3rd17:54 +Taylor Cof Mon,Apr 30,2018
1st15:38 +Robert S Mon,Apr 30,2018
2nd17:57 +David O Mon,Apr 30,2018
3rd21:52 +Toby Mon,Apr 30,2018

Jeff He13:17 Rx
Jordan8:50  45# clean, ring rows
Haylie8:40  45# cleans, ring rows
Angie12:24 Rx+
Melody18:50 Rx2 95# 3 pull ups each round 22 jumping pull-up
Robert S15:38 Rx+
John B16:43 Rx
Melissa M19:40 Rx3 Banded pull ups & 55lb cleans
Renee15:37 Rx3
Lisa J20:21 Rx+
Danielle Born14:52 Rx2 75# clean, thick green banded pull ups
Walt15:00 Rx3 55# cleans; 15-banded pull ups (red/black)
Toby21:52 Rx+ Lots of good clean work. Just tryna get strong like Bob.
Justin Gro20:10 Rx3 Ring Rows, 135# cleans - low back inj
Sheridan13:08 Rx+
David O17:57 Rx+ cleans @ 245
Jeff R25:30 Rx+ 225#
Dylan R19:40 Rx Nice & easy...10 strict/15 kipping pu/rd
Angelika10:29 Rx3 Weighted squats + abs #75,#15 + 400m run
Kelly T20:16 Rx
Erin A16:45 Rx2 95# Clean, banded PU
Leslie13:40 Rx3 Rx2 PU w/ band; 55#cleans
Leah C15:21 Rx
Elizabeth K15:48 Rx2 75# blue/red
Sam W14:42 Rx
Taylor Cof17:54 Rx+
Spencer Boy14:57 Rx3 1 Mile Before & After; #65 Clean; 100 Green Banded
Tom SDNF Rx2 2 rds RX / 1 rd @135 -- First time ever to do 155 in a WOD
Dee16:33 Rx
Roy7:00  225# 2rds then off to work
Abbey10:59 Rx2
Larry B17:17 Rx 2 @ 205, wrist injured during hsc prior to wod couldnt hold the 205.
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