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Tuesday May 1,2018

Happy Birthday Marcy & Mark L & Tyler S
Bill H & Christina L & Melissa M & Renee
Welcome Leah C
E2mom: SP, Run, Sit-upsMax: Push Press MaxOther Posted Results

E2mom: SP, Run, Sit-ups

5 Rounds
Alternate each 2:00

A - 5 Push press @ 65% Heavy Single

B - 200 m Run
     20 Sit-ups

Score = Time of 3rd Round Run/Sit-ups.
Rx2: 100 m Run

0% 0%
1st1:10 Renee Tue,May 1,2018
2nd1:17 Angie Tue,May 1,2018
3rd1:20 Bill H Tue,May 1,2018
1st1:02 Toby Tue,May 1,2018
2nd1:08 Russell P Tue,May 1,2018
3rd1:10 Jeff He Tue,May 1,2018

Jeff He1:10 Rx 120 pp-185 1rm
Roy1:23 Rx 145
Melissa M1:29 Rx 45lb push press
Walt1:34 Rx2 55# PPs; 100-m run
Michelle S1:24 Rx
Robby G1:13 Rx 115 push press
Erin A1:35 Rx 65# PP, 95# heavy single
Melody1:28 Rx #75
Mark L1:32 Rx 85# pp plus my 48 birthday burpees after the workout. Thanks to those that joined in
Amanda Sc1:30 Rx #55
Justin Gro1:16 Rx 125# pp, 185# hvy single
Taylor Cof1:28 Rx
Angie1:17 Rx 80#
Emily Co1:23 Rx 75#
Christina L1:40 Rx
Michael Ber1:21 Rx
Bill H1:20 Rx
Danielle Born1:43 Rx
Elizabeth K1:56 Rx
Bryan C1:19 Rx 145
Toby1:02 Rx
Dylan R11:16 Rx Vest; 125#, 185# 1RM
Larry B1:16 Rx 135#
Spencer Boy1:29 Rx
Renee1:10 Rx 55#
Brittany D1:40 Rx 45# PP
Tom S1:53 Rx2 85# RX 1st 3 rounds, 100m last 2
Russell P1:08 Rx
Rachel Pr1:24 Rx #55
Results Posted: 29
Jeff B 1:11pm
Nice work Heller!