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Wednesday May 2,2018

Gymversary Dylan R-2

FT: FPH, Lunge, SN, OHS, TGU

For Time
40 Overhead Lunges
40 Flash Push-ups
30 Alternating Snatches
30 Flash Push-ups
20 Overhead Squats (10 each arm)
20 Flash Push-ups
10 Alternating Turkish get-ups
10 Flash Push-ups

*Using a single DB 50/35
  Rx2: 35/20

0% 0%
1st9:41 Lisa J Wed,May 2,2018
2nd19:45 Emily Co Wed,May 2,2018
3rd19:58 Taylor Cof Wed,May 2,2018
1st13:09 Jeff B Wed,May 2,2018
2nd16:45 Toby Wed,May 2,2018
3rd17:36 Justin Gro Wed,May 2,2018

Emily Co19:45 Rx
Robby G20:13 Rx2
Renee21:39 Rx3 10# TGU
Erin A15:58 Rx2 25# DB
Danielle Born16:32 Rx2 25# up until 2 into alternating turkish get ups, then moved down to 20# remainder of ATGU
Toby16:45 Rx Apparently I need to work on my left shoulder 😬
Justin Gro17:36 Rx Need a lot of work on dumbbell OVS
Dylan R16:46  50#; everything rx except subbed front squat for OHS
Taylor Cof19:58 Rx
Amanda Sa13:50 Rx3
Lisa J9:41 Rx
Spencer Boy17:11 Rx3 #15 DB
Lindsey Gro18:08  20# DB on all movements except OVS (35# bar)
Jeff B13:09 Rx
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Jeff R 8:03pm

Larry B 3:33pm
Congratulations on your anniversary Dylan!

Dylan R 8:15pm
Thanks Larry!