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Saturday May 5,2018

Box Squats 5 x 2Signiture: ISABEL

Box Squats 5 x 2

5 Rounds  
2 Box Squats  
(crease of hip parallel or bellow knee)  

*2 sec pause at bottom

0% 0%
1st245 Lisa J Sat,May 5,2018
2nd175 Taylor Cof Sat,May 5,2018
3rd145 Lindsey Gro Sat,May 5,2018
1st315 Bryan C Sat,May 5,2018
2nd295 Larry B Sat,May 5,2018
3rd245 Justin Gro Sat,May 5,2018
Adam B Sat,May 5,2018

Bryan C315 Rx
Justin Gro245 Rx out of time
Lindsey Gro145 Rx
Alex P135 Rx
Mark L155 Rx Still easing back into shape 75 95 135 155 155
Larry B295 Rx
Kelly T125 Rx
Brittany D95 Rx
Taylor Cof175 Rx
Lisa J245 Rx
Adam B245 Rx
katherine C65 Rx
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