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Monday May 14,2018

Happy Birthday sal

BOTC18: WOD 1 Prep

2 Person Team

Part A
10:00 Amrap
Start at the top of the list and work your way down.  

Rest 5:00

Part B
10:00 Amrap  
Start at the bottom of the list and working your way up.  

20 Deadlifts 275/185            
     Rx2: 185/135  
     Rx3: 135/95      
40 Cleans 185/135
     Rx2: 135/85
     Rx3: 75/45
60 Front Squats 155/105
     Rx2: 105/75
     Rx3: 75/35
80 American KBS 70/53
     Rx2: 53/35
     Rx3: 35/26
100 Double-Unders    
     Rx2: 200 Single

Divide reps however.

*Score = Reps

0% 0%
1st349 Angie Mon,May 14,2018
2nd487 2Erin A Mon,May 14,2018
3rd458 2Melody Mon,May 14,2018
1st445 David O Mon,May 14,2018
2nd379 Bryan C Mon,May 14,2018
Sam W Mon,May 14,2018
3rd354 Roy Mon,May 14,2018

Melody458 Rx2 Singles rx2 weight w Haylie
Haylie458 Rx3 95# deadlift, 45# clean, 35# front squat, single unders, 18# kettle bell swings, with mommy
Adam B333 Rx w/Toby
Jason K315 Rx W/Russ”The Beast” Riggins
Russ315 Rx W/mah boy JKisz
Toby333 Rx with Big Boehmer
Justin Gro291 Rx with Larry B.
Larry B291 Rx with JG
Angie349 Rx w Roy & Ryan working as 1 person. I slowed them down significantly on DLs & cleans 😕
Erin A487 Rx2 as written, with Angelika
Bryan C379 Rx w/ Sam
David O445 Rx david+john
Dylan RRx2 Working with Bobby...not sure of reps..275dl, 135fs, 155pc, 53kbs
Spencer Boy467 Rx3 135 DL; 75 C & FS; 35 KB; Singles with Beast Rachel
Lindsey Gro454 Rx2 partner with my mom
Leslie454 Rx3 partner with Lindsey Justinsdottir
Russell P342 Rx partner with Dee Onama
Rachel Pr467 Rx3 135 DL; 75 Cl&FS; 35 KB; with Spencer (teammate 4life)
Sam W379 Rx w/ Hawkeye, I mean Bryan.
Brittany D480  With Melissa Mason. 105#DL, 65#cleans, 55#FS, 35#KBS, singles
Roy354 Rx Angie forgot my cleans at the buzzer :)
Tom S442 Rx2 w/ Jimmy
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