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Thursday May 17,2018

Happy Birthday Justin Gro
FT: HSPU, TTB, Row, BJOOther Posted Results


For Time
40 Handstand Push-ups
     Rx2: Plate + Mat
     Rx3: L-sit DB Press
40 Toes to Bar
     Rx2: Knee-ups
40 Calorie Row
40 Box Jump Overs 24/20
     Rx2: 20/18
     Rx3: Step-Overs

0% 0%
1st12:18 Angie Thu,May 17,2018
2nd17:26 Sheridan Thu,May 17,2018
3rd17:30 Leah C Thu,May 17,2018
1st8:44 Toby Thu,May 17,2018
2nd14:45 Dylan R Thu,May 17,2018
3rd19:15 Justin Gro Thu,May 17,2018

Amanda Sc14:43 Rx3 rx3 Lsits - 15lb db; 8 t2b, rest kups; rx bjo
Angie12:18 Rx
Ken H13:30 Rx2 Rx2
Jason K22:06 Rx
Russ20:31 Rx2 Plates + mat. All else rx
Toby8:44 Rx Strict HSPU
Michelle S15:53  NFT
Sheridan17:26 Rx
Dylan R14:45 Rx strict deficit hspu; 30in box
Angelika13:37  L Sits 20lb; Knee Ups; 40 Cal Row; Box JO
Melissa LNFT  Worked on form on HSPU and T2B
Leah C17:30 Rx
Dawn M16:55 Rx2 Rx2 plate to mat hand stand Rx3 step overs
Abbey19:36 Rx2
Lindsey Gro22:36 Rx had horrible form on HSPU
Amanda Sa14:08 Rx2 Rx2- 25# plate + mat, Knee-ups, 20” BJO
Spencer Boy12:36 Rx2 RX3 - LSit #15; Knee Ups; 40 Cal Row; 40 20' BJ - 1 Mile Walk After
Leslie17:22 Rx2 ez rower
Justin Gro19:15 Rx
Marcy17:17  10 Db, Knee ups, squats
Brigitte22:18 Rx3 10 db
Taylor Cof21:36 Rx2 HSPU 25lb plate and mate, TTB, row, and 20 in BJO
Larry BDNF Rx2 hit the box!
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