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Monday May 28,2018

Happy Birthday Lori F & Jacob L & Kyle M
Gymversary Nathan-4


Hero: Time-Rx3
For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-Ups
200 Push-Ups
300 Body Weight Squats
1 Mile Run
*Wearing 20 lbs vest or body-armor (14lbs for women)

800m Run
50 Pull-ups (Progressions)
100 Push-ups
150 Body Weight Squats
800m Run

400m Run
25 Pull-ups (Progressions)
50 Push-ups
75 Body Weight Squats
400m Run

Rx Masters 55+:
800m Run
70 Pull-ups
140 Push-Ups
210 Body Weight Squats
800m Run

Partition the Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, and Body Weight Squats as needed.  Start and finish with run

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TodayAll Time

Walt30:06 Rx2 Ring rows
Adam B47:30 Rx 5/10/15 reps unbroken
Brian L59:26 Rx
Toby46:23 Rx Strict pull-ups. Great job everybody!
Danielle Born52:37 Rx3 Did full rx workout without vest and did ring rows in place of pull ups. Did 10 rounds 10,20,30
Russell P53:35 Rx2 10/20/30 no vest
Angie51:59 Rx
Amanda Sa31:00 Rx2 Rx2 pull-ups on the bar (1st year w/o band!)
Kelly T82:00 Rx2 Did pull-ups, push ups, squats RX. Both mile runs in 12.5lb vest
Taylor Cof51:14 Rx2 Rx minus the vest
Sam W68:00 Rx
Emily Co70:42 Rx2 Rx minus the vest
Sheridan46:53 Rx With vest
Dylan R40:05 Rx flash pu.5-10-15 until rd 15, then broke up pu; roughly 715 mile 1;750 mile 2; 18-19min at halfway
Russ90:35 Rx Unpartitioned w/ 20# vest
Tom S1:35:00 Rx2 Rx minus vest
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