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Thursday May 31,2018

Gymversary Kim D-1
Welcome Deeshna & ANGELA C & ROBBIN
Back Squat: HSFT: TH, RC

Back Squat: HS

5-3-3-1-1-1 reps of:  
Back Squats  
Build up to a Heavy Single
Controlled depth at bottom

0% 0%
1st215 Angie Thu,May 31,2018
Emily Co Thu,May 31,2018
2nd195 Taylor Cof Thu,May 31,2018
3rd145 Kelly T Thu,May 31,2018
1st345 Jeff R Thu,May 31,2018
2nd335 Roy Thu,May 31,2018
3rd305 Jeff He Thu,May 31,2018
Justin Gro Thu,May 31,2018

Angie215 Rx
Deeshna55 Rx
Toby295 Rx Nice and easy today
Brian L255 Rx 135-185-215-235-255
Russ275 Rx Had more but...🤷🏻‍♂️
Walt85 Rx Worked on form
Mary Wahl.85 Rx
Justin Gro305 Rx
jennifer how75 Rx
Jeff He305 Rx
Jeff R345 Rx
Melissa L125 Rx failed at 135
Emily Co215 Rx failed on 225
Kelly T145 Rx PR!!!! Failed at 155
Roy335 Rx
Lindsey Gro105 Rx could have done more weight
Taylor Cof195 Rx
Tom S155 Rx
Dylan R245 Rx
Abbey115 Rx
Jennie70# Rx
Sam W275 Rx failed at 305
Brittany D115 Rx
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