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Monday Jun 4,2018

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Signiture: Time-Rx3
5 Rounds for Time:
400 m Run
15 Overhead Squats  

Rx2: 65/45  
Mstrs: 35/15

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Wendy B26:14 Rx3 5 rnds: 400m run; 35#ohs
Kate B24:03  200 m run, 15# ohs
Alma16:37 Rx3 35#
Brian L20:24 Rx 3:20 PR
Justin Gro16:50 Rx
Larry B24:43 Rx first time RX of Nancy
Walt19:35  10# OHS; 400 m for 2 rounds, 200 m for 2 rounds; breathing was heavy
Dylan R18:25  45#, 10 per rd
Jeff R15:22 Rx
Sheridan15:42 Rx
Russ22:19 Rx Nice to see a lot of peeps doing movements in here that they used to not be able to do👍🏼
Josh S19:54 Rx
Emily Co20:30 Rx
Taylor Cof18:46 Rx
Robert S23:48 Rx hot af outside
Erin A21:06 Rx2 55# OHS
Robby G24:49 Rx Oooffff
IRMA20:34 Rx3 first crossfit wod
Bryan C15:20 Rx
Leslie23:18 Rx3
Haylie20:38  55# back squats first round (arm injury), 45# back squats all other rounds, all running
Spencer Boy21:10 Rx3 400 M Run; #25 OH SQ
Rachel Pr20:54 Rx3 400 M Run; 25# OHS
Tom S26:46 Rx2 4 rounds only
Russell P17:02 Rx
sal12:37  3 Rounds, 15# Bar, 200 m Run
Jason K24:19 Rx
Gina C23:30  PVC pipe
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