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Thursday Jun 7,2018

Happy Birthday Charmaine
FT: CL, HSC, TH, BBBComplex: CP, HSC, PP


For Time  
21 Lateral Barbell Burpees
21 Power Cleans
15 Lateral Barbell Burpees
15 Hang Squat Cleans  
9 Lateral Barbell Burpees
9 Thrusters

Rx: 135/95
Rx2: 95/65
Rx3: 55/35

0% 0%
1st7:30 Angie Thu,Jun 7,2018
2nd10:20 Lisa J Thu,Jun 7,2018
Taylor Cof Thu,Jun 7,2018
3rd10:35 Sheridan Thu,Jun 7,2018
1st7:41 Jeff B Thu,Jun 7,2018
2nd8:25 Adam B Thu,Jun 7,2018
3rd8:59 Russell P Thu,Jun 7,2018

Wendy B13:44 Rx2 65#; barbell first
Robby G16:39 Rx ooooffffff
Angie7:30 Rx
Adam B8:25 Rx
Brian L15:25 Rx Angie/Adam - D A M N!
Toby11:33 Rx slooooow burpees (ankle. feeling much better though.)
Russ12:35  Bar step rep😂-rx weight
Judy H11:00 Rx3 21;15;9 all
Walt11:14 Rx3 40#; 9,6,3, burpees
Eddie15:40 Rx2
Justin Gro16:35 Rx
Lisa J10:20 Rx
Sheridan10:35 Rx Angie...woah!
jennifer how16:57 Rx3
Deeshna14:47 Rx3
Emily Co12:25 Rx
Russell L18:53 Rx2
Taylor Cof10:20 Rx
Dawn M10:22 Rx3 Flash push ups
Leslie14:53 Rx3 #45 for weight
Larry B12:35 Rx
Angelika6:00 Rx3 65#;Push Ups & Sit Ups; Feet hurt too much to do burpees
Rachel Pr11:01 Rx2
Michael Ber13:21 Rx2
Erin A11:58 Rx2 75#
Jeff B7:41 Rx
Tom S19:20 Rx2
Russell P8:59 Rx
Marcy12:56  55#, ring rows instead of BO burpees
Brigitte18:27 Rx3
Sam W11:49 Rx
Kate B22:40 Rx3
Elizabeth K12:55 Rx2 65#
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