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Friday Jun 8,2018

Welcome Gina C

FT: PU, Run, DBSN, K2E

For Time
50 Pull-ups
     Rx2: Strict Banded
     Rx3: Ring Rows
800 m Run  
     Rx2: 600 m Run
     Rx3: 400 m Run
50 Alternating DB Snatches 50/35
     Rx2: 35/20
     Rx3: 30/10
800 m Run
     Rx2: 600 m Run
     Rx3: 400 m Run
50 Knees 2 Elbow
     Rx2: Knee-ups

0% 0%
1st31:17 Blake Fri,Jun 8,2018
2nd19:20 2Angie Fri,Jun 8,2018
3rd21:40 2Alma Fri,Jun 8,2018
1st18:23 Toby Fri,Jun 8,2018
2nd19:08 Bryan C Fri,Jun 8,2018
3rd20:30 Jeff R Fri,Jun 8,2018

Jeff B16:13  1 Mile bike for each run
Bryan C19:08 Rx 1000m rows
Amanda Sc23:44 Rx2 rx run, blue/red bands, kup
Wendy B25:34 Rx3 all rx2 except ring rows
Kate B22:40 Rx3 15# dumbbell
Angie19:20 Rx2 100,000 K2E trying to get to standard
Robert S23:23 Rx
Alma21:40 Rx2 800m run
Melissa L19:55  Push ups; 800m;DBS#10; Knee ups
Toby18:23 Rx Tested out the ankle on some (very slow) running.
Brian LDNF  Low back spasm (pull-ups, 800M run, push-ups, 800M run, stopped after 8 K2E)
Rob L31:24 Rx RX!!! wow, that's tough
Russ33:00 Rx
Scott Pa29:19 Rx3 Pull down 70 lb, 15 lb db
Gina C22:15 Rx3 800m roe 2x,55 pulldiwn
Emily Co28:33 Rx2 rx except kneeups
Blake31:17 Rx 4:30p Could not breathe had to walk some of the second 800 😷
Elizabeth K23:44 Rx2 Bands 20# knee up
Spencer Boy20:45 Rx3 RR; 800 M Runs; Knee Ups
Tom S31:36 Rx2
Lisa J34:50 Rx2 50# dB, all else rx, “most” knees hit elbow, Russ and I are “finishers”
Jeff R20:30 Rx
Justin Gro27:13 Rx
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Brian L 2:09pm
Great job Rob Lord!!

Angie 5:05pm
Way to go Blake! 🤘🏽